Tom Ford has revealed a selection of denim that, if he's to be believed, sound like they can straight-up transform dudes.

During a set of private viewings early this week, the wizard/American designer previewed his upcoming spring/summer 2015 collection, which featured a notable emphasis on a rugged aesthetic. And what’s more rugged than a pair of high-quality denim?

Coming in three different fits, the casual offerings are designed to compliment the varying builds of men—whether you’re a feather-weight dude or sporting some junk in the trunk.

“They’re really to give you a straight slim leg, but for different body types,” Ford told New York Magazine. “If you’ve got a slightly bigger butt, or bigger thighs, there’s a cut that will make you look the same way as the guy who’s super skinny.”

Sound too good to be true? Not if you believe in magic...or impeccable tailoring and design. Check out the selection of jeans and other Western-tinged offerings in the images above.

[via NYMag]