With new allegations of sexual assault and negative reactions to his recent New York Magazine cover story, it's fair to say that Terry Richardson isn't having the best month. Adding salt to the wounds is "We Hired Terry," a Tumblr blog that "serves as a record of the creatives who—despite Mr. Richardson’a alleged behavior—hire him for high-profile projects."

So far, the blog has posted a photo that Richardson took with Lebron James during a shoot for GQ, a photo of Glee star Lea Michele shot for the cover of V Magazine, and others of Madonna and Lady Gaga for Harper's Bazaar, and Stacy Martin for Purple Fashion.

Richardson critics are invited to submit links to JPGs of his work along with company info, the name of the photo editor or art buyer for the project, and the names of others directly involved with the hiring of the photographer and the photo shoot. Unlike other anti-Richardson sites, "We Hired Terry" makes no explicit statements about Richardson, the accusations, or whether or not he should continue to find work... but you can make those assumptions for yourself.

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