Remember Milo Moiré, the Swiss performance artist who ejected a bunch of eggs from her vagina back in April? Over the weekend, the artist stripped down again and attempted to stage a performance at Art Basel. 

Before embarking on a bus to Messeplatz where the fair took place, Moiré had her skin marked with the names of all the articles of clothing she wasn't wearing. For instance, she had "pants" painted on her legs, "bra" on top of her breasts, "jacket" on her arms, and so forth, a less shocking stunt compared to her last performance. Upon arriving at the fair, however, Moiré was told that she would not be able to present her performance inside the halls.

The issue at hand was not Moiré's nudity, as some have presumed. It was actually because of the fact that Art Basel's space is solely reserved for participating galleries that have gone through a strict selection process and pay fees to present their artists' works. Those who haven't done so aren't permitted to show or present work.

In the end, Moiré threw on a dress and was permitted to enter the fair as an observer. All was well.

[via artnetnews]

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