It's hard to see Terry Richardson as anything else but a creep. Even if he didn't send that Facebook message to model Emma Appleton asking for sex in return for a Vogue shoot, the hefty slew of allegations against him from his former models suggest that this is not a guy you want to let around your teenage sister (or any women in your life, for that matter).

Yet, not everyone has followed Vogue's suit (the magazine said they have no plans to work with Richardson in the future) and abandoned the flannel-wearing photographer. According to Jezebel, New York Magazine is planning a cover story on Terry Richardson that will triumph his innocence.

A tipster told Jezebel that NY Mag will write a story about Uncle Terry where the accused will "say the girls are full of crapola," denying all accounts against him for sexual misconduct.

Richardson has not been convicted of a crime, but his alleged past behavior—which includes whipping out his penis during a shoot—makes it questionable for anyone to write a name-clearing piece about him. Still, after it was proven that Richardson was not behind the Facebook message scandal, he seems to have been somewhat vindicated in his innocence, at least in that instance. This may have sparked the alleged profile assignment.

Whether New York Magazine publishes a piece on Terry Richardson or not (after all, word has only been spread through rumors and unnamed sources), Richardson and his fans should recognize that being an artist doesn't give you an excuse to be an asshole, something David Choe and James Franco should also take to heart.

UPDATE JUNE 13 12:33 P.M. ET: New York Magazine has confirmed that they will run a story on Terry Richardson for their next issue.

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[via Jezebel]

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