These Noma t.d. slip-ons are very much the business. I like the wide midsole and textured paisley print upper. Everyone else got those EG Vans which means you need a different pair of kinda plain, but not really that plain slip-on sneakers. I suggest these because they got that hippie, washed out, fucked up vibe that everyone seems to be embracing these days. Like, now everyone on Spring St. stays dressing like 18th century Japanese hobos, buying juices that cost more than a meal at the mall. I bought a $9 watermelon juice the other day and that shit was not sweet at all. It tasted like watermelon gazpacho. WTF, JUICE SPOTS? YOU TRYNA TO TAKE ALL THE FUN OUTTA JUICE OR NAH? Fuck it, I'm back on that Arizona tip. Gonna have zero teeth in like a year, but I will look the most like an 18th century Japanese hobo with no teeth.