Over the weekend, Austrian artist KNARF unveiled his mural of what looks to be a headless dragon as his contribution to the fourth edition of Poland's ongoing Traffic Design Festival. A member of IRGA IRGA crew, KNARF is known his vibrant murals of abstractified animals and fantastic creatures. Identifying the odd creatures in his colorful, trippy murals, however, usually takes some time and observation. The same holds true for his latest mural.

From the looks of the photos above, it appears KNARF has left a black and white snake on the side of a building in Gdynia, Poland. If you look closely, however, you'll find that the slithering beast actually has limbs and fingers (and apparently no head), so it resembles a headless dragon more than anything. Juxtaposed against a collision of different patterns, shapes, and colors, the piece is actually quite mind-boggling—in a good way, of course.

Check back for more updates from Traffic Design Festival. A mural by Argentina's Pastel & Elian is currently in the works.

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