Southern California based eyewear brand SPY has been making quality sunglasses inspired by extreme sports for the last two decades. To celebrate 20 years in the game, Spy has launched the limited edition Happy 20 Collection. 

The line consists of three models that pay tribute to the brand's past, present and future. All three models—Fore, Union, and Heir—feature aggressive and fashion forward styling in addition to being composed of recycled, biodegradable materials. Most notably, though, is that the collection utilizes Spy's newly patented Happy Lens.

The Happy Lens is scientifically capable of boosting your happiness so that your mood can match the sunny weather. The lens technology blocks harmful shortwave blue light and UV rays. But it allows longwave blue light in, which promotes serotonin neurotransmitter production, the stuff that regulates mood, appetite, circadian rhythm and sleep cycles.

The collection is available now online so go ahead and cop a pair of sunglasses that make you feel as good as you'll look. 

[via Cool Hunting