OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, I JUST FOUND THE PERFECT T-SHIRT FOR ME COME NYFW. I CAN'T WAIT TO STAND NEXT TO SCHLOSSMAN WEARING A T-SHIRT WITH A FUCKING PICTURE OF SCHLOSSMAN ON IT. I'M GONNA GET IN THE SMFH WING OF THE SUSSONIAN MUSEUM OF FUCCBOI HISTORY OFF THE STRENGTH OF THIS ABSOLUTE HOT LAVA GARMENT ALONE. All lolz at the expense of our fearless leader getting some shine aside, Baewear is the company that you will publicly roll your eyes at, but privately be insanely jealous of that you didn't think of this shit first. The Aaliyah as Our Lady of Guadalupe is genuinely genius and is perfect for all you guys and gals that pretend to really like that one Aaliyah song with the beat that got a baby on it. And, yo, "fuccboi  jihad" has me slumped right now. Obviously, if you're gonna be flagrant enough to put Schlossman on a fucking tee, you have got to have Woost God has Jesus reincarnate up in this bitch too. Then there's the Alphet Industries joint, which I'm calling shenanigans on. Schlossman better get some royalties off that. I know for a fact he came up with that one while literally wearing a tier strug Alpha Industries bomber. He also coined being on "airplane mode," but I'm allowed to freely steal his intellectual property because I would never put him on a T-shirt.