Director: Marcus Nispel
Most outrageously awesome style moment: Doves poetically fly outward from all-black-everything Diddy as he Christ-poses in a large church.

Behold, the seventh most expensive music video of all time, with a price tag of about $2.7 mil ($3.9 when adjusted for inflation). Puff trailblazed the blockbuster video for rap on the low, going full Michael Jackson here with the narrative—an homage to Schwarzenegger's The Running Man; the special effects; and the A-list cameos—Dennis Hopper and Danny DeVito's appearances aren't even part of the hefty price tag; they appeared pro bono.

The Big Homie's clout was big enough even in '98 to get two of Hollywood's biggest and best to come through for free. Thankfully, Puff's homage doesn't extend to Arnold's eyesore of a costume, eschewing yellow for all-black and a pair of futuristic frames that look like an eyemask. Basically, he's the Batman of 3002.