Director: Elf Rivera
Most outrageously awesome style moment: Posting up on the Iron Throne of Westeros in the Alps.

Yep, that's the actual, 900lb eponymous throne from Game of Thrones that Ser Combs is slouching in like he stayed up too late counting Ciroc money the previous night. But even if he wasn't flexing the power of finessing props from HBO, the vid for his latest chest-thumping, Fuck-Haters-Been-Rich (Puffy is definitely #TeamLannister) anthem would make the cut, because it's set in the Alps. Freezing models, docile but fearsome wolves, and skimobiles—the whole thing plays like a Brosnan-era Bond film with no bad guys. Therein lies the metaphor: there is no competition.

And just when we thought we'd have to sit Diddy down for a fur intervention, he and Meek switch things up mid-vid on said skimobiles with matching cream-colored winter coats. If you haven't noticed by now, Diddy is not one to shy away from bromantically coordinating the fits.