Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Most outrageously awesome style moment: The entire video.

There was no way Godzilla could come to New York City without paying respects to the king of the city. If you don't remember (or worse, never experienced) the truly spectacular song and accompanying video Puff provided to Godzilla '98's soundtrack, allow us to shame you for a minute...

Okay, enough of that. Look, the glorious absurdity on display in this video can only be explained sufficiently with a scene-by-scene recap of the entire seven-minute extravaganza:

- The setting: a bleak, rainy day in the city that never sleeps, but Puffy, in a strong all-black leather alphet, is sleeping—dreaming, to be specific. Of sex with Garcelle Beauvais scored to "Between the Sheets." (Note: Garcelle does not appear in Godzilla. There's absolutely no reason for her appearance other than Because Why Not.)

- Puff stirs. Sounds of chaos from outside drift up to his high-rise loft. Scenes of Godzilla's rampage through the city are intercut. Puff narrowly avoids a Metro bus that crashes through his apartment. He then returns to the wreckage to rap-narrate Godzilla's attack.

- (Note re: Puffy's raps: What the hell is this song even about?)

- The not-so-genius idea of rapping in a bus-made-window backfires as an explosion sends Sean flying right into the elevator. Which inexplicably starts falling upward.

- Diddy keeps rapping as the elevator climbs higher and higher until it crashes right through the roof and into the sky where—this is where things get really next-level—he's jettisoned out and MORPHS INTO A DOZEN WHITE DOVES. DIDDY HAS DIED.

- Heavenly clouds fill the sky and the screen until a figure materializes: the doves have TRANSMOGRIFIED into a reborn, angelic Diddy who slo-mo floats back to Earth in an angelic coke-boy suit.

- Puff touches down center stage in a large concert set-up in the middle of Times Square, where he and a full 50-piece orchestra band heroically perform amidst Godzilla's ravaging for fleeing citizens and military. This is lowkey more noble and poetic than the band on the Titanic. 

- Lyrics include "I wanna fucking bite you!/can't stand nobody like you!" Roars serve as bleeps. (Note: All throughout this video Jimmy Page has been crushing the guitar from animated billboards.)

- Godzilla thugs through for a front row seat. He tries to test Puff's G with a face-to-face stare-down.

- Sean matches the stare and then, unimpressed, TURNS HIS BACK AND WALKS AWAY WHILE GODZILLA ROARS. Puff Daddy ends this epic summer blockbuster music video by completely curving the King of All Monsters, wow. Give this man a Lifetime Achievement award already.