Director: Chris Robinson
Most outrageously awesome style moment: Diddy fends off attackers while wearing only a robe and, most importantly, not spilling the Courvoisier. BONUS: Trucker-hat era Pharrell humping a girl under the pool table mid-party.

This is Busta's video but the Rush Hour 2 send-up is so awesomely corny that you can imagine this treatment being Puff's selling point to appear in the video. And of the many memorable scenes of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan's modern classic, which lends itself more to a rap video than that of being treated like lords in a geisha house right before goons attack?

And yes, in case you forgot, B. Rhymes, P. Diddy and co-star Jamie Foxx really do go all the way with the fight scene, with Puffy doling out karate kicks in a white robe while clutching the precious Courvoisier.