Director: Chris Robinson
Most outrageously awesome style moment: Puff ends his neighborhood Bad Boy block party in full biker steez with a motorcycle stunt performed by the man himself.

Combs on your block so now the block is hot. Diddy runs with the tried-and-true narrative of new money rap figures setting up shop in decidedly white and swagless suburban hoods, only, in Puffy's hands that mean cameos from Ben Stiller as an unhappy neighbor. Of course, this requires showing up the lame bros in a game of driveway hoops with some help from Shaq, with a coordinated victory dance after. That means rocking out (this song's beat is fire, if you forgot) in the garage like a pack of lame teenagers who have nothing better to do than start a band. It means out-styling all the other neighbors in everything from tall white tees to a Shaq Lakers jersey (during the Shaq scene, naturally), to custom Bad Boy jerseys.

And it means climaxing his self-thrown welcome to the neighborhood celebration with a block party that ends with him on his Tony Hawk steez. A song that contains a line as epically stuntworthy as "Don't worry if I write rhymes—I write checks" has to have a video and style to match, and this did not disappoint. (Should we assume Mark Curry is still riding around that cul-de-sac on the chopper?)