POW! WOW! Taiwan just finished up June 2, but the incredible murals that went up during the international street art festival will continue to light up the city for months to come. For the event, some of the biggest names in the game travelled to Taiwan, including James Jean, Aaron De La Cruz, INSA, Madsteez, Apex, Rone, Sheryo, Yok, Woes, Skewville, and Brendan Monroe. Those artists painted alongside local talents to cover Taipei in multicolored murals.

During the festival, Aaron de la Cruz put up his biggest mural to date, a six-story beast he painted with Rone that depicts his signature motifs and one of Rone's beautiful women. James Jean, for his part, covered a wall in warring demons, a style he used recently while designing Linkin Park's new album cover.

Check out some of the other amazing murals from POW! WOW! Taiwan below.


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