Medium: 9 x 12” Pencil on bristol
Year: 2011

“I adore the suits who see my sweats and think my mind is soft like the fabric. They push twisted contracts that never see any ink. This isn’t my rookie year. That season passed a long time ago. Yet, I can still hear the footprints of my past running down the hallway of my present. The streets are always calling, but I’m on the other line with my future, discussing destiny. It rings around the clock, and it’s hard not to pick up when the intoxicating distraction of women and the fast life are around every corner. However, I choose which street I navigate; my moral compass was calibrated long before this journey.

“The avenues and streets are littered with vultures. They sit high atop the skyscrapers that pierce the sky, circling and hovering over the intersections, waiting to feed on the weak and feeble. They despise the taste of knowledge and crave the sweetness of ignorance. The pages of the street read the same as the pages on the shelf. It's up to you to read and cite both sources. Schooled with the knowledge of the bricks and the books, one learns how to move in a room full of vultures.”