Armed with a few HTC One Minis and the task to put his "own spin on the selfie," photographer Dan Rubin went to Carnaby Street in London and found a few normal people to be his celebrities for the day. Rubin put photos of James Franco, Kim Kardashian, Aaron Paul, Lily Allen, Cara Delevingne, and others with "a penchant for selfies" onto the phones and asked the non-celebs to hold them in front of their faces.

The project, titled "Phonies," is a comment on the way that personal identity is informed by and shared to social media. It also speaks to the influence of celebrity culture on the way we see ourselves, or as Beautiful Decay puts it, "our faces, especially in photographs, have the power to betray our innermost selves and to define our perceptions of that self; here, the subject’s visage is shown only to be a reflection of the media we consume."

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