Parra never fails to make us laugh. Bold and unapologetic, the Dutch artist creates pieces that are both "harmlessly witty" and "uncomfortably politically incorrect," which seem to be the theme in his latest show at HVW8 Gallery, too.

Parra's fifth solo exhibition at the Los Angeles gallery, "Same Old Song" includes brand new canvases of "overturned wine glasses, leisure-suited perverts, and behind-the-bar-booty slaps" rendered in bold colors, dots, and stars, reminiscent of '60s pop art and Roy Lichtenstein's works. Somehow, Parra manages to blends elements of commercial art with compositional sophistication and crudeness, which is why we're such fans.

"Same Old Song" opens this Saturday, June 28 at HVW8 Gallery. Stop by before it ends Aug. 10.

[via Hypebeast]

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