You guys, I have a confession to make. I have a really nice leather card case that was never meant to be a full wallet that '’ve forced into conscription as a full blown wallet. And man, is it struggling with its unexpected duties. I got, like, four frequent coffee buyer cards at all the cool guy coffee shops, but I can never get them fully punched because coffee shops only stay open 'til  pm in Detroit. WHAT THE FUCK, COFFEE SHOPS? DON'T YOU REALIZE EVERYONE MOVING TO DETROIT WANTS TO BE A "CREATIVE FREELANCER"? THAT MEANS WE ALL WANT TO SLEEP IN AND START OUR WORKDAY AT 2:45. And that's is why I gotta invest in a new, actual wallet. This joint from Slow fits the bill, no pun intended. I don't actually need a lot of card slots because I have, like, zero credit, but I do need a money clip because I'm a degenerate and a lot of the businesses I frequent are cash only. Plus, this thing folds all origami like, so you'll look really cool when you're paying for dinner while simultaneously realizing that for the rest of the month you're gonna have to eat Hot Pockets. HOPE THAT VEAL SCALLOPINI WAS WORTH IT, MY G.