Impeccably tailored power suits have always been the go-to uniform for white-collar workers of corporate America. But are yoga pants dethroning sharp slacks in the realm of business wear?

Not exactly. But according to a recent article by the Wall Street Journal, several banks and law offices have forced their employees to don the form-fitting bottoms to meetings in an attempt to win over major fashion clients like Lululemon, the purveyor of technical yoga gear.

Though embarrassingly revealing, this trend is a good indication of how important a pitch is—especially when dealing with the pervasive artistic temperaments within the fashion industry. What better way for a company to demonstrate their confidence by enduring awkward glances down the street?

“If you're coming in to make a pitch to a client that you're going to be charging a lot of money to, you should understand their product," David Edwab, vice chairman of the board of directors for Men's Wearhouse, told the WSJ.

Sure, bro. Ain't no shame in admitting you get down with some bun-hugging pants. Just make sure they're not the see-through kind.

[via Wall Street Journal]