For Nike's newest art project, the Portland company wanted to create a container that would do justice to their Flyknit sneaker. Playing off the idea that the Nike Flyknit is both incredibly light and impressively strong, British artist Ryan Gander has created a box that stands up to the sneaker's supreme design—the Flyknit Puzzle Box.

Gander's Puzzle Box is based off of traditional Japanese puzzle boxes created during the Edo Period, which were used to store craftsmen's tools. The Flyknit Puzzle Box is decorated to mimic both the Flyknit design and the Fibonacci Sequence, a set of numbers that show perfect symmetry in nature discovered in the 13th century. Gander's design also pays tribute to Italian artist Mario Merz, who used the Fibonacci Sequence in his work. 

The various inspirations for Gander's work, crossing time and space, all speak to the impeccable design behind the Nike Flyknit.

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