Nicolas Garfias got a taste for design from his mother who was a secretary for the office of Charles and Ray Eames Furniture. Little did Nick know that this exposure would lead him down a path to becoming the Creative Design Manager at Mercedes-Benz before leaving to become Design Manager at Oakley, a position he currently holds today.

When he’s not in his studio at Oakley, managing the eyewear design team and reviewing prototypes off Oakley’s state-of-the-art 3-D printer, you can find Nick running, fishing, surfing, or snowboarding—or building cars. Garfias builds hot rods right out of his garage in Long Beach.

In the video above, we check-in with Nick to find out more about his inspiration, creative process, hobbies, and what it’s like to work for an iconic brand that encourages its employees to make cool shit and have fun while doing it.