It takes at least 45 minutes to get from Manhattan to a beach, which is something of a tragedy for those who love the city and the shore. Soon, however, Manhattan may be getting its very own beach—one that actually floats up and down the Hudson River.

Blayne Ross has partnered up with workshop/apd and Craft Enginnering to design a fake, mobile beach for New Yorkers desperate for some sand and sunshine. "This whole thing started for me when I went out on a weekend along the West Side, and the park was packed," Ross told Fast Co. Exist. "There was not a blade of grass to be seen. It showed me that we want to be outside, but we don't have enough spaces to do that."

That's why his City Beach NYC would be plopped on top of the upper deck of a shipping barge. The top level would be turned into a sandy space, complete with beach chairs and umbrellas, while the lower level would consist of a restaurant and science museum to keep kids entertained. If his beach can get permits to dock at designated locations, the traveling seashore could actually move up and down the West Side of New York—just imagine those views.

"I think that when you can come up with a space that is temporary and it fills a need, that’s where this gets interesting," Ross said. "I saw an opportunity for us to add to the shoreline without having to reclaim new park space or mow down buildings."

If everything works out as planned, the floating beach could be completed and ready by 2016. Keep your fingers crossed, people.

[via FastCoExist]

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