Just when you thought human beings couldn't get any dumber, a company called "The House Of Solid Gold" puts out a limited run of 13 gold bicycles that retail for a cool million a piece. I guess if you're someone like Dr. Dre, though, then this is still LOL money. But something this flagrant, at the very least, warrants some investigation into a person's charitable contributions in the past year. Like, my guy, you drop a milli on a children's vehicle and yet you couldn't even send 20 bucks to Darfur? (P.S. is Darfur still a thing white people are talking about to make themselves feel like good people?) Anyway, this costs so much fucking money because its 24K gold plated, has black diamonds all over the damn place and an alligator seat. Still definitely not worth it under any circumstances, but, yeah, an epic flex worth honoring if you are, in fact, someone who has the kajones to kawp.