When most people are scarfing down a double cheeseburger, they probably aren't thinking of turning a happy meal box into a hat. But a McDonald's in Miami Beach recently held an entire fashion show for its grand opening, equipped with happy meal hats, skirts made from McChicken wrappers, and take out bag accessories. Seriously. 

A group of Miami International University of Art and Design students were happy to use the skills they learned all semester and put on a fashion show at their local McDonald's over the weekend. The students could only use McDonald's packaging and paper products to design the outfits and 15 percent of all proceeds from the event went to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Some of the outfits looked like they came straight from Jeremy Scott's debut collection for Moschino

Is fast food entering the fashion realm? Do those two even make sense as co-mingling? Even though Cara Delevingne is a fan, it doesn't seem like too many fashion heads are scarfing down Big Macs and McFlurrys. But with this and the stunt Subway pulled at SXSW, it looks like fast food chains might be making a slight push to get in on the fashion action.

[via Miami New Times]