While throwing a party in St. Louis for promoter LooseCannon S.L.I.M earlier this month, Diddy spent some time checking out the local art scene. He posted the photo above to Instagram of himself in the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort, standing in front of a painting by an artist named Jennifer Hayes.

In an artist spotlight last year, The 314 wrote that Hayes' work creates "a hyper-colorized world that is, more often than not, dominated by curvy female forms, which she says represent her passion, a passion illustrated by the authority of her strokes with the palette knife." 

In addition to the Four Seasons where Diddy was introduced to her work, Hayes has also had pieces on display at several of celebrity chef Hubert Keller's restaurants in Las Vegas and San Francisco, at Prime 1000 in Saint Louis, at FitShop in Ballwin, Missouri, in the showroom at Exotic Motors Midwest, and in solo exhibitions and special events in various spaces. 

Hayes tends to create her expressionist works on large canvases with lots of colors and texture. In describing her art she writes, "armed with a palette knife and acrylic paint I layer color endlessly to achieve the desired depth and texture I crave. By focusing on one portion of the body I am able to create semi-abstract work that allows the viewer to get lost in the beautiful simplicity of a bend, twist, or curve of the body."

Jennifer Hayes will be showing her work at Prime 1000 on June 28 as a part of the St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum's annual "Open Studios STL." Check out her Facebook page and Twitter for more information. 

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