Dawgs, this is the guy the public chose as the CFDA's inaugural Instagrammer of the Year. YEAH, HE WEARS SHORTS WITH TIES. WHAT THE FUCK, CFDA? IS ANYONE FACT CHECKING THIS SHIT? WHERE'S ERNST & YOUNG WHEN YOU NEED THEM?

I perused this dude Patrick Janelle's feed and it is decidedly not fashion. First of all, how do guys who dress like this and still somehow have cooler lives than us always have dumb Instagram names like "@aguynamedpatrick" or "@rhymeswithorange"? But really, homeboy's feed barely has any fashion on it at all. Unless shots of perfectly fried eggs and avocado toast and brick buildings and Central Park count as fashion. And in some ways, I guess they do. BUT, LIKE, HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE ONE PHOTO OF HIM AND HIS BOYS ALL TOUCHING THEIR SNEAKER TIPS TOGETHER IN A WEIRD PHOTOGRAPHIC CIRCLE JERK AND HE STILL GETS TO HANG OUT WITH THOM BROWNE AND PUT TOGETHER A RED CARPET LOOK?!

I give up, guys. I'm out here popping grams for the people, taking blurry photos of models walking by me, documenting all the Burger King chicken sammies I crush and finesse sophomoric shots of me giving the middle finger to books and articles and products that my friends have for sale. HAS THE CFDA SEEN THIS GENIUS? At least I would've sniped an amazing shot of RiRi's butt SMFH.