Mark McNairy wasn’t kidding when he mentioned the designs for his return collection with Woolrich Woolen Mills was inspired by the idea of “hunting in space.” The initial preview revealed only a few outfits, but a new lookbook delves more into his space odyssey, plenty of neutral colors and coke white outfits included. The outerwear has some excellent pieces that use fabrics ranging from ballistic nylon to the go-to herringbone.

However, the one big stand out in this collection is the addition of a gold space blanket complete with WWM branding on the back. This goes to show that McNasty hasn’t lost his tongue-in-cheek sense of humor when it comes to design. Usually seen worn by runners at the end of a race, it will be interesting to see how swag lords incorporate this piece into their outfits this coming fall.

[via Hypebeast]