It's starting to seem like girls are finally playing catch up to the boys when it comes to style trends (that was completely sarcastic btw). Anyhow, Refinery 29 just put up a slideshow all about embracing your inner #cozygirl. Yeah, they even call it the "#cozygirl movement." I'm not saying girls haven't always been dressing super comfy, but lately it seems like girls are borrowing more and more from the boys. First, there was the rise of the nouveau fairer sex sneakerhead, all about them Marant wedges and Nike wedges and AF1s to match their boyfriend and Jordans (not a specific model, just Jordans). NOW, GIRLS ARE WEARING OUR TALL TEES. The only issue I have with all this is that girls will always look cooler in menswear than men. That's just a fucking fact. I mean, all the cool Roshe Run colorways are in women's sizes.

And really, this #cozygirl movement is just a younger generation reinterpreting their moms' relaxed flow, first documented in Nick Schonberger's seminal work on "the mothers of rare hemlines." AT THE END OF THE DAY, WE ALL JUST WANNA DRESS LIKE COOL, ARTSY MOMS THAT LET YOU COLOR ON THE WALLS AND MAKE YOU LISTEN TO JOE STRUMMER'S SOLO WORK AND OCCASIONALLY SMOKE A JOINT WHEN THE KIDS ARE AT SOCCER CAMP.