During the Yeezus tour's Barclays Center stop last year, Kanye West name-dropped two innovators who have inspired him and who he says were overlooked in their time. One was Nikola Tesla, the late Serbian inventor, and one was filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, who's still alive but has created films that are continually ahead of their time.

Anyone who attended the Yeezus tour and has watched The Holy Mountain knows that Kanye was greatly inspired by the filmmaker for the tour's creation. It looks like the two visionaries got to meet this morning, via tweets from Jodorowsky himself (they were accompanied by filmmaker Spike Jonze and Virgil Abloh, DONDA's creative director).

From his tweets, it sounds like they discussed a show Kanye's planning, perhaps his next tour, a film, or something else entirely (at one point last year, architecture professor David Benjamin said they were working together on a 3D experiential project). Jodorowsky tweeted that he was surprised by "Kanye's purity and his deep desire to create a work that develops the consciousness of young people."

Jodorowsky does spiritual workshops worldwide, so while we're unsure if he and Kanye will collaborate on anything, we're sure he gave 'Ye some great advice. Jodorosky's new film The Dance of Reality just opened last month and is playing in art houses around the U.S. now.