Earlier this week, Kanye West's very sexy wedding gift to Kim Kardashian was revealed to the world—a portrait of the bride wearing only a thong and Louboutins. Painted by street artist Bambi, and titled Perfect Bitch, Kanye supposedly purchased the work for a five-figure sum.

Today NME has reported that Kanye may not have commissioned the art piece after all: "Sources close to TMZ report that neither West nor Kardashian know anything about Bambi or his work and that not only was the painting not ordered, it is not wanted either." 

While "sources close to TMZ" are not the most reliable of informants, NME also refers to Bambi as a man—she's actually known as the "female Banksy" because of her anonymity—making their story even less believable. In addition, NME admits that Bambi's manager denies the claim that Kanye didn't commission the piece.

We've reached out to Bambi's manager as well but have yet to hear back. However, all evidence suggests that Bambi did actually paint the scandalous portrait of Kim for her new husband.

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