In a talk today at the Cannes Lions Creativity Conference, Kanye West said that Kim Kardashian's Instagram photo from their wedding (pictured above) took four days to post because photographer Annie Leibovitz dropped out of the gig the day before.

"Let me tell you something about that kiss photo that my girl put up … this was pissing my girl off during the honeymoon," said West. "She was exhausted because we worked on the photo so much because Annie Leibovitz pulled out right before the wedding. I think that she was, like, scared of the idea of celebrity.”

West went on to say that he still wanted the photos to "look like Annie Leibovitz," so they spent four days editing the photo to get the color of the flowers right for the 'gram. Click here to read more of what Kanye had to say about the wedding and a host of other things.

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