What do you get for a 37 year-old multi-millionaire's birthday? Worse yet, what do you do when said birthday boy is Kanye West, he of the most rarefied taste in modern pop culture? Look at his face in that picture. He doesn't give a damn about something as basic and plebian as a birthday cake. Whether you're friend, family or guest hoping to join one of those circles, the pressure to do better than a new sweater is very real.

Fortunately, if you're attending the rarest event of the month, we've got you covered. We flexed our hack skillz and got our hands on Kanye's birthday wishlist, which he's been working on in an open text edit doc since...you guessed it, last June. Take a peep and try and finesse one or more of the 10 Gifts on Kanye West's Birthday Wish List.

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