As a commissioned project for the 2012 Havana Biennale, JR and José Parla collaborated on an art project that involved engaging with the people of Cuba to create powerful installations. The artists documented the project and ended up with short film above entitled Wrinkles of the City

In an interview with Nowness, JR and Parla spoke about the experience in Havana and of working with each other. "JR’s work is a commentary that is sharing something positive with the present or with history," said Parla. "Working together as we have has been organic because we both think alike. If I can't make something happen, JR steps in, and if he can’t, then I communicate it."

JR added the highlight of the project was "the people we met, especially the couple who we photographed and pasted up. We stayed in touch with them and they have been such an inspiration to both of us." Check out the video above and head to Nowness to read the full transcript of the interview.

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[via Nowness]