For a feature titled "Koons Is Back," Vanity Fair photographed American artist Jeff Koons in a gym, standing on a piece of equipment absolutely naked. Thankfully, the photo that appears in the magazine is lit in a way that doesn't reveal certain things, but your imagination has already done all the work. 

Gallerist writes that the point of having Koons in the buff for the article could have something to do with the artist's great physical condition for his age and his goal to be like one of the greats. The article reads, "Koons, at 59, has already begun a strict exercise-and-diet regimen so that he will have a shot at working undiminished into his 80s, as Picasso did." We can't say that we've seen Picasso's nudes, nor do we want to, but best of luck to Koons if that's his goal. If nothing else, it provides good exposure (pun intended) for his upcoming retrospective.

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[via Gallerist]

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