In a photo series that, according to the Instagram blog, "explores the willingness of people to put the safety of material objects before their own well-being," Italian photographer Sandro Giordoan used "professional actors who are able to position themselves in anatomically impossible poses" to create scenes of exaggerated falls down stairs, out of cars and windows, and various other locations.

Each of the subjects is tangled in their own stuff, taking inspiration from Giordoan's friend who actually broke a leg trying to save a cellphone from water. "We live in a time where we risk material things becoming more important than our own lives, and this is really worrying," the photographer told Instagram. "I immediately felt the urgency to capture the moment of impact. I wanted to talk about obsessions, neurosis and frailties of our times through my personal experience."

While the underlying theme and idea for the shoot is pretty serious, the photos themselves are funny and very well staged. To see more, head to Giordoan's Instagram.

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[via PetaPixel]