Even if he's one of the slimmest dudes in the crowd, Wiz Khalifa always manages to stand out with a sense of style that's always on the next level above most dudes in the room. Starting today, Wiz and Taylor Gang Ent. are taking that unique aesthetic and applying it to a 26-piece collaboration with Neff, sold exclusively in Zumiez

So in continuing with the theme of never blending in, how do you create a lookbook that stands out from the crowd? How about lighting a sword on fire and reenacting the Fruit Ninja game? Watch the video above to see some of the highlights from the collection, and read the interview below to hear from Wiz and his squad on the collaboration. And if you want to kick it with Taylor Gang for a day, here's your chance to win a day chillin' with the crew. Whether or not you slice up fruit like a crazed samurai is up to you.

Can you tell us how this partnership came about? Why partner with Neff?
We’ve known Shaun [Neff] for years and have wanted to work with his company. Now that Taylor Gang has so many exciting projects coming out, the timing seemed perfect. Neff is one of the leading streetwear companies in the business. We really respect their hustle and grind.
-Will Dzombak

How involved were you with the design and creative process?
Extremely involved. Every step of the way we helped pick the designs, the patches and placements of logos. At the initial sit down at Shaun’s house, we picked the theme and the style that excited us.
–Wiz Khalifa

Is this the first time you've designed clothing?
This is the first time we have done collaboration with an apparel company and are excited to partner with the Neff team. We wanted to work with the right company that got our style and ideas.
–Wiz Khalifa

What was the most difficult part, and what was your favorite part?
We especially loved designing the pieces and having input on the marketing and direction for the entire collection. The most difficult part was narrowing the collection down, because we had so many ideas.
–Wiz Khalifa

What kind of lifestyle does this collection gel with?
The lifestyle of someone who is turnt the fuck up and always about winning.
-Chevy Woods

What were some of your inspirations that you drew from for this collection?
To treat the competition like fruit; slice, dice and chop em down.

What kind of guy would wear this gear?
This is a unisex line for everyone who is Taylor’d. I love all the pieces and wear them.
-Courtney Noelle

A badass, skydiving, gin drinking, bong ripping, big booty biter.
-Nasty Nate

The type of man who will wear the Taylor Gang Neff Collab, is comfortable with being leisurely fresh at all times. I am one of those men, I wear it and you should wear it too.
-Tuki Carter

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