Yo, shouts to CBS News Sunday Morning for having some ill programming. I mean, I'm just assuming they do. I'm not up early enough to watch that shit. But according to this clip they just posted to YouTube, they are doing something right because they have the gawd Serena Altschul reporting for them. If you don't know about the journalist, and former host of MTV News: Unfiltered, you don't know shit. Well, that or you're just really young. Anyways, MTV News was, like, your dream job if you were a nerd and took things like creative writing and journalism class, but also liked going to all ages shows to see really shitty punk bands and even worse DJs. I mean, these are the same dudes that broke the story on freestyle walking, if you need some context. These days, my boo Serena is telling us about this guy that finds super old jeans in abandoned desert mines, which is kind of an old story, but still a good one. Like, that freestyle walking clip is ancient and it's still amazing. Good journalism is just good journalism.