Good news for impulse buyers and shoplifters alike: a Tokyo-based clothing retailer has implemented a peculiar shopping method allows customers to “try out” merchandise before making the purchase.

GU, a chain store that is operated by the same company that owns Uniqlo, has taken the frowned-upon “buy-wear-return” tactic and made it into a legitimate business device—allowing customers to test drive a maximum of three items per day. Yes, you can steal shit as long as you bring it back.

Though it definitely takes a hefty dose of trust and confidence to offer such a perk, there’s no doubt this practice will benefit patrons who possess commitment phobia and indecisive qualities. Even better, if you don't have a dope outfit for a hot date or something washed and pressed for a job interview, just come through for a one-day five-finger discount.

[via NYMag]