Introducing Germany's hottest new export after beautifully made sports cars and a not awful economy: the "nipster." While nipsters themselves would love to tell you the term means "nationalist hipster," the evidence is quite clear. THESE MOTHERFUCKERS ARE NAZIS. And in this new Rolling Stone profile of the "movement," it's shown that while the Nazis of yesteryear were dedicated to uniforms and controlling culture, these progressive, modern Nazis are open to things like music, veganism and, yes, even fashion. Just check out one of the many nipster Tumblrs to see for yourself.

The inherent contradiction of both hating all non-whites and enjoying hip-hop music and Girls at the same time is truly mind-boggling, as is the idea that such a thing as a "dominant race" exists, but that doesn't stop nipsters from recruiting other young, impressionable and often impoverished Germans to join their cause. At the same time, it's evident that no one in the movement, especially its de facto leader, Patrick Schroeder (shown above), has any idea why they feel the way they do. They just like hating other people. Tragically, it seems that all these kids just want to feel like they're a part of something and have friends in a world that is, admittedly, often so cruel. Even sadder in 2014? That hating others for arbitrary reasons can be such an enticing selling point for young people who feel like they have no other option.

Luckily, in Germany, nipsters and the even larger National Democratic Party are still seen as extremist groups with extremely limited followings, but the fact they exist at all is troubling. And that these people think skinny jeans, neon sunglasses and How I Met Your Mother are cool isn't helping. Like, if you must try to convert the world to adopting your grotesquely fucked up ideologies, at least, like, have good taste so other people don't end up as swagless as you are, ya know?