Described as the “central photographer of his generation,” New York-based artist Garry Winogrand is known for his epic portrayal of American life in the 1960s. His stunning images capture the dominant social issues of that time and played a powerful role in shaping attitudes in the media. In honor of the great street photographer, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is holding the first retrospective in 25 years of his amazing work, titled "Garry Winogrand," opening June 27.

The exhibition will feature images taken from the 1950s through the early 1980s. The show will include some of Winogrand's iconic images, as well as many of his thus-far unseen prints. Following the artist’s tragic young death, friends and family discovered nearly 13,000 rolls of undeveloped or unseen images among the artist’s possessions. This exhibition will be the first to display a “rigorous overview of Winogrand’s complete working life,” according to the press release, in an attempt to make a coherent narrative of the legendary artist's full career.

"Garry Winogrand" will run from June 27 through September 21 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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