The murdered out Y-3 Qasas that are crazy flames are finally available for pre-order via Marry Poppins-named retailer LUISAVIAROMA. I even think we're past the point of calling these shoes for ninjas. They're really just shoes for really cool dudes with $500 of really cool disposable income. That doesn't mean we all should be spending 5 hundo on sneakers, but if you do it anyway, then I guess it should still be considered disposable. At least you're getting these fucking awesome kicks in return. And if someone tells you they're not awesome, then that's the first of many signs that you don't want to be friends with that person. Other signs include, but are not limited to: Wearing 7 For All Mankind denim, having sex with your girlfriend and murdering an old lady in cold blood. Though, thanks to the teachings of Jesus Christ, that shit is forgivable. But not liking murdered out Qasas is definitely a deal breaker.