David Datuna's work mixes tech and art to create an immersive experience different from viewing traditional paintings. The Georgian-born American artist layers his canvases with hundreds of eyeglass lenses, so they appear beautifully fractured, with light bending his images in every possible direction. Many of Datuna's works are meant to be viewed while wearing Google Glass, integrating new technology into the ancient artistic practice.

Datuna is most well known for his series "Viewpoint of Millions," which uses these fractured glass surfaces to explore cultural identity, not as a single profile, but as the sum of many different perceptions and ideas. This was also the first art project to integrate Google Glass. Visitors who viewed Datuna's project through Google Glass heard audio bites from clips linked to particular areas of his paintings via GPS.

Most recently, Datuna exhibited his paintings at Birnam Wood Galleries for a show called "Elements." In it, Datuna exhibited portraits of famous people, everyone from Martin Luther King Jr. to Einstein, to explore identity, history, and culture.

We got in touch with Datuna, and he picked out some of his most important paintings for our Portfolio Review: Google Glass Artist David Datuna Explores Perception by Painting With Lenses.

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