Dan Bannino's new series may be one of the strangest highbrow/lowbrow mash-ups we've seen yet. In a project called "Still Diet," the photographer has captured famous celebrity diets as if they were Dutch Old Master paintings. From Beyonce's juice cleanse to Kate Moss' drug and booze filled sustenance, these fad diets become the subjects of works of art.

The paintings are an intriguing blend of creepy and beautiful, much like the original Old Master paintings, which often portrayed rotting fruit and animal carcasses in painstaking detail. Mimicking the dark tones of the Dutch paintings, Bannino has staged his scenes to give something as trivial as a diet fad a weighty significance.

"With this series my aim was to capture the beauty that lies in this terrible constriction of diets and deprivation, giving them the importance of an Old Master painting," Bannino writes on his website. "I wanted to make them significant, like classic works of arts that are becoming more and more weighty as they grow older. My aim was to show how this weirdness hasn’t changed even since the 15th century."

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[via artnet]