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There are a few people you should never mess with in life. The Navy Seals, your mom when she gets that look in her eyes, and the Hells Angels.

Young Jeezy learned about the last group recently, after the motorcycle club brought a lawsuit against the rapper for using a logo that looked a little too similar to theirs.

This past October, the Hells Angels sued Jeezy for reportedly using their iconic Death Head logo on his clothing line 8732 Apparel. Jackets and hats included in Jeezy's line featured the same skull with wings graphics, along with similar typography above and below the skull, though with different text. 

After pulling the merch from shelves, Young Jeezy has now agreed to pay the Hells Angels, according to TMZ, though the exact amount remains unknown, but a source told the gossip site it's "at least enough for some beers for the boys."

Supposedly, Jeezy is fine with the settlement. As for the bikers, "We always get what we want," the Hells Angels told TMZ

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