Everyone's favorite concrete jungles get a pop of color in Yoni Alter's illustrations. The London-based designer decided to celebrate the architecture of 35 cities by re-imagining and creating famous urban landmarks as neon-colored, geometric shapes. His latest series Shapes of Cities reduces iconic structures such as the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, and the Bank of Hong Kong into fun, minimalist depictions. Even more fascinating is that he has rendered all of the buildings to scale.

Alter started this project back in 2012 after a stroll through London's Hyde Park. “I noticed the circular London Eye (the ferris wheel) intersecting with the triangular point of a skyscraper," he told Fast Co.Design. “They were two perfect geometrical shapes, and it inspired me to look at what other shapes London had.”

He then began experimenting with his abstracted figures of the London buildings, toying with the composition on Adobe Illustrator. After Alter posted his chromatic city renderings on his website, people started sending in email requests for him to illustrate their cities. Additionally, Alter has also transformed his colorful depiction of London into a glowing, plexiglass sculpture (see the designer posing with his creation above). Click through to see what he's done so far, and check out his website for the rest.

[via FastCoDesign]

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