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Wow guys, we've finally made it. The pinnacle of man's technological evolution has been reached with...pocket squares that have pockets. Yo dawg, we heard you like pockets so we put a pocket in your pocket square so you can pocket while you pocket square. Yeah, I know. Who is gonna tell these guys that YOU ALREADY HAVE A POCKET WHERE YOU PUT YOUR POCKET SQUARE? IT'S KINDA INHERENT IN THE NAME AND THE ACT OF STUFFING SAID SQUARE INTO SAID POCKET, YA KNOW? I just don't understand the gimmick here. Why couldn't I just put my cellphone in one of the other many pockets on my jacket? WHO EVEN PUTS THEIR CELLPHONE IN THEIR BREAST POCKET? OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN A POCKET SQUARE FOR THAT MATTER? What is rendering the other pockets on your jacket so fucking useless? And for everyone that's gonna be like, "I guess I'd keep my sunglasses in this thing," WRONG. Everyone knows you hang your sunglasses on the outside of your breast pocket. ACT LIKE YOU'VE SEEN PITTI STREET STYLE BEFORE, BRO. If you want to buy your dad the most redundant and unnecessary Father's Day gift ever, robocop him one of these Hanks. He can keep it next to that electric tie rack you got him last year.