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Ideas are written or drawn out on a piece of paper everyday, but not that many come into fruition. Most are lost and forgotten, or crumpled and stuck to your pants pocket because you forgot to take it out before doing your laundry. Not the case, though, for Wish ATL and Publish Brand, whose sketches on a napkin over lunch actually made it to the production line.

The two meet up for their annual collaboration. Dubbed “The Isolation” collection, it contains an all blacked-out collection combining the best in performance fabrics. The five-piece collection is made up of ripstop and nylon materials ranging from jersey tops to shorts. While an all black outfit is not the first choice when the heat index is up, the fabrics on these pieces should do well in helping you keep cool. Mark your calendars for May 21 and hit up the Wish ATL and Publish Brand website for the drop.