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Recall that back in 2012, a vandal by the name of Vladimir Umanets decided to scribble his name on Mark Rothko's Black on Maroon at the Tate Modern in London. This was a huge shock for both the museum and the art world because the defaced piece is actually one of nine "Seagram" murals that Rothko made in the '50s. Needless to say, experts have worked hard to remove the graffiti from the painting, which has since gone back on display inside the Tate.

The restoration took a period of over nine months, and it required a whole lot of trial and error. Conservators had to first determine the solubility of the ink Umanets used. The experts even recreated parts of Rothko's original painting, which was particularly difficult since no one knows for sure what methods and materials Rothko used. 

Watch the video below to see how these experts were able to complete a seemingly impossible task. Although it's 17 minutes long, the whole process is simply awesome.

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