Vhils takes over walls around the world by chipping away at their surfaces to create stunning portraits. The Portuguese artist teamed up once again with (also Portugeuse) techno/zouk/kuduro group Buraka Som Sistema for their latest music video, "Stoopid," which doesn't necessarily carry the aesthetic or materials of his work, but it does carry the excitement. Boxes of paint get smashed, cars drop from the air, and an awesome mess is made. We can only hope that Vhils makes more music videos in the near future, but at least for now, we have this. 

Of the collaboration, Vhils says, "After all these years of friendship and collaborations between Buraka Som Sistema and me, I tried to blend and condense all that Buraka represents for me in these 3 minutes of video: explosions, energy, color, madness, chaos, creativity and uniqueness.”

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos he posted on his Facebook page.

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