Paisley patterns have seen all sorts of interpretations in the past couple seasons. And to no one's surprise, the brands that have been constantly remixing the best reside in the kingdom of drool-worthy gear known as Japan. Just when you thought bandana prints had seen every iteration possible and were played out, Unrivaled pulls you right back in with fresh pieces for its spring/summer 2014 collection.

Red and blue droplet-shaped patterns come together for a collection of button-downs, pocket-tees, and bandanas. Go for the surprise stunt and get the Union Bandana shirt in white with the back bandana detail. Or up your colorblocking game with the tee option. And if you really want to snap necks, cop the blown-up print that has a result that's nearly artistic. Visit the Goodhood website and start flagging your sartorial set.  

[via Goodhood]